The reason you procrastinate (It's not what you think)

This weeks episode is geared to helping you overcome your procrastination. As an artist, we tend to be good at this... but in this industry, we can't afford to put things off. Because a year from now, you're gonna wish…

Perks of PROS: ASCAP



    • ASCAP members always receive up to 25% off base rates plus enjoy additional offers like dollars off, a complimentary upgrade, or a free weekend day. 
  • Budget Car Rental: 
    • As a member of ASCAP, you can…

Building Your Website 

Alright, here's all the links for you to do your homework! I've attached the sound clip of us discussing what you need to have in your bio, and what to LEAVE OUT. Below are some of our favorite local

Show Me the Money : Digital Streaming

Show Me the Money!

Today, we’re talking about streaming, and the reform it desperately needs. . Love it, or hate it , this is the industry we are in currently.   

With streaming still on the rise, us as…


Building & Pitching Your EPK

Your EPK ( electronic press kit )  needs to express who you are as an artist, and what you bring to the table. Everyone’s will be different, but more or less will  comprised of the same content. This is your…