10 Thoughts for Trying out for TV shows like  "The Voice", “American Idol”, ETC. 


1.) Songwriters: unless you have been offered a writing deal DO NOT perform an original song. If you insist on an original, get the advice of your most honest, and experienced critic. (your mom doesn’t count) 

2.) Song Selection: Pick a song that shows the most character in your voice, not necessarily the song with the biggest range. Thousands of people can belt, and hit the high notes. It is a plus to hit the high notes, but not  if it is not performed with character / uniquenes. 

3.) Being Judged: It maybe a a good idea to pick a song outside of your genre and bring it into your own. Maybe pick a song originally performed by the opposite sex.  This will help your judge not to scrutinize you as hard against the original performer (who has probably been auto tuned to the 9's.) They’re not looking for a carbon copy of the original, so make it your own. Picking a song from the opposite gender is an easy way to do that.  If you pick a song by the same sex, in your same genre, make sure your can perform the song as good (better) than the original. 

4.) Strategy:  If you are not allowed to use an instrument, record the starting chord of where you sing your song onto your smartphone. Before you step out to audition listen to it. People have a tendency to sing too high, or too low in those situations. It is an easy step to take to insure you’re singing in your wheelhouse. 

5.) Dress code: You may need to get out of your comfort zone.  Everything is based on packaging. If you have to go shopping and leave the tags on your clothing to get the look you need, then go for it.  Look at how your genre is "currently" dressing and make it your own, not just a copy. 

- Ladies sexy is awesome, sweet is awesome, slutty is just slutty and might get you 15 secs of air time, and just because every other girl is wearing it doesn't mean you should. 

(lay off carbonated beverages on audition day, it will cause you to bloat) 

7.) The Camera adds ten pounds:  If you go in with your confidence looking like arrogance, 10lbs of bull shit will be added to you. 

8.) most of these tv shows  allow you to bring friends and family members at one point or another.. If possible, at least one of these people you bring need to document your experience/process. Even if nothing becomes of it and your sent home with a pass, it’s invaluable content for your social media/blog posts. 

9.) Find some one to run a “mock interview”. These shows are all about your story, so you better make yours one worth telling. Unless you are the background singer for Adele, they don’t care about what you’ve done musically in the past. They want to know about you, your hobbies, your failures, not your resume. 

10.) make sure before anything airs you own your website domain, and social media handles. Most times someone will see you on air, buy it, and expect you to buy it back at an alarming amount. Trust me, it happened to me, and it’s shitty not having your domain. 

If you don’t get a ticket to Hollywood, don’t take it personally. They’re in the TV business. While you could be the best performer out there, it doesn’t mean you’d make great tv. They’re reality shows, and they cast accordingly. 

In the end be grateful for the opportunity, show them you want it, but act with some class. You still have to look your friends and family in the eye's.   

We hope someone finds this helpful.  Feel free to message us with any questions.  We are not an authority by any means, but we have observed a few things after being a finalist on several of these kinds of shows. Don't forget to enjoy this moment, take it all in, and learn from the experience. If you are reading this and you make it to the finals, 10% is ours 


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